Do I need any previous experience to join Trench Tech? any previous experience to join Trench Tech?
Absolutely not. We love teaching beginners and cater to the needs of each students ability and experience.

I’ve been training for years. Do you have advanced classes?
Yes. We are proud to have an amazing pool of talented trainers.

Is this type of training only for people who want to learn how to fight?
No! We primarily teach effective self defense, fitness and MMA techniques. Most of our students enjoy the challenge of learning something new, while also getting fitness and self defense benefits out of our classes.

Do I need to choose which type of classes I want to attend in advance?
No. We have an “unlimited class” membership model. This means you can attend any classes you choose and can participate in one or all types of MMA that we teach.

What should I wear to class?
You can wear gym shorts and a t-shirt all week.

Do I need to bring any special equipment with me?
No. We can provide you with loaner equipment to get started and we have all the gear you’ll need for sale at discounted pricing for members.

Will I get to train with Cuki Alvarez if I become a member.
Yes. Cuki does not teach every day, but does hold special classes on a regular basis that are open to all members.